Mughal Labs offer many services

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Our team is made up of professionals with a wealth of health experience who have worked in NHS, hospital, nursing homes, and private practice

A Mughal Lab is where clinical tests can be performed.
For diagnosis and treatment purposes, specimens are taken in order to gather information about the patient's condition.
This is in contrast to research labs which are primarily focused on basic science, such as those at some academic institutions. Mughal Labs offer many services, each with varying complexity and size. More comprehensive services are offered by acute-care hospitals and medical centers.
Mughal labs are based on laboratory testing. Some types of blood or urine test require a physician prescription from a certified nurse practitioner (CNP). This may cost upwards for more advanced diagnostic procedures like mammography screening, colposcopy, and dental X-rays.   However, most healthcare practitioners will prescribe this once they have studied these options thoroughly. Once prescribed, physicians use an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine built into their scanner that monitors heart rate patterns using recorded electrical signals emanating through the skull and brain region while monitoring respiratory function. The ECGs provide detailed measurements of your vital signs throughout your entire cardiovascular system since you're trying not only to control breathing but also to maintain consciousness during physical activities

With a team of professionals from a range of disciplines we also believe we have the right mix of approaches to ensure each client has a successful experience. Our approach is to build a patient experience that is as much about the client as it is about our business. Our goal is to become one of the best in the UK. Our mantra is: You are our first priority at Workfit. Mughal service is provided by a team of highly trained people who are highly skilled to deliver exceptional performance at a price that is just as good.

We are a 100% self-funded operation and operate from our two offices in the UK and overseas. We have raised over £300k+ in FY11 and have been able to provide a range of services to our clients. We have used the funds raised for the following areas: - We have been awarded a Technology Development Grant from the Nesta Innovation Fund and have successfully completed a project with an existing mobile app provider.