TALENT MARKET PLACE Announces $12M Series A Round of Venture Capital Funding

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It is based on artificial intelligence and is designed to enhance internal mobility while personalizing career paths for employees

The talent marketplace helps people build huge networks of interpersonal social relationships. It creates a world of limitless possibilities for people to use their superb skills in the right place. The talent marketplace has assisted some of the world's strongest companies improve their business processes, reduce costs, and increase consumer satisfaction. What's more, it helps people find a better job than they could have imagined. It's the first of its kind in the world. 


The talent management software 365Talents recently announced a $12M Series A Round of venture capital funding led by iXO Private Equity. The company claims 200,000 active users across 60 countries. With its new funding, it hopes to reach 1 million users by 2023, and ten million in five years. It is based on artificial intelligence and is designed to enhance internal mobility while personalizing career paths for employees.

It has a social networking feature that enables users to interact with companies across the world and find interesting projects that fit their schedules. In addition, it offers training and mentoring options, making it the ultimate talent marketplace for employers and employees. The talent marketplace must allow employers and employees to submit full profiles and information about both parties. In addition, it should be easy to filter out candidates who do not meet the qualifications required for a project.

Despite the current economic climate and competitive challenges, many companies want to assess their competencies and map out the competencies required for their needs. With 365Talents, companies can map their competencies and match them to the talents they need. The talent marketplace is now a logically-organized, dynamic map of talent. 365Talents also integrates with existing tools to simplify recruiting and increase operational efficiency.

The cultural shift required for a talent marketplace to take hold is key. Managing this new system requires management buy-in, not only for the sake of the talent marketplace itself, but for the employees within their team. After all, there's always the risk of someone in their team moving on to work on a different project. But a talent marketplace allows businesses to take advantage of such situations and gain a competitive edge.

Employees want to be inspired and pursue career paths that will make them happier and more productive. Employees who move internally are also more likely to be engaged. And, according to research from LinkedIn, 82% of learning and development professionals said that their employees were more likely to participate in internal mobility programs. So, a talent marketplace should support employee mobility by helping organizations connect employees with new opportunities. In addition, it should also provide a valuable source of inspiration for employees.

365Talents is a less popular, but highly successful talent marketplace. They have successfully deployed talent marketplace solutions at several large French companies. Their platform features an AI-based skills matching tool, comprehensive competency library, and an easy-to-use job search system. The company's team has extensive experience in talent marketplaces and knows exactly what works. And if your company has a talent marketplace, there's nothing better than tapping into its untapped talent.

Another important benefit of a talent marketplace is the ability to repurpose employees. While this may seem counterintuitive, it makes sense for the future of your business. Talent marketplaces promote learning and career development and give employees the opportunity to pursue their passions. It can help your employees find meaning, unlock their full human potential, and unlock a fulfilling career. There are many more benefits of using a talent marketplace than just finding talented people.

Avature has also successfully launched an internal talent marketplace for Deutsche Telekom. The talent marketplace helps companies improve communication and collaboration among top employees. The talent marketplace's personalized mobility experience delivers tailored gig, project, and job recommendations. Deutsche Telekom wanted its employees to feel inspired and have an engaging place to work. The results are impressive! So why not give it a try? They'll be glad you did. You'll be glad you did.