Five Latest Meenakari Earrings For Women

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Create an edgy look with the latest designs of meenakari jhumkas. If interested, you can shop for the exclusive patterns at Ciero Jewels which stocks a trendy, lightweight, and affordable range of artificial jewellery.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can go from drab to fab by just adding a pair of earrings! The tiny accessory has become a fashion staple for women of all age groups. And when it comes to the chic elegance of colourful earrings, meenakari becomes the unsung hero of the jewel universe. The chic range of Indian Fashion Jewellery is filled with creative miracles and enamelled magic of meenakari is definitely one of them.

When the gorgeousness of hand-painted earrings is combined with the sheen of gold plating or oxidized silver, the final look is just out of this world. If you are searching for Artificial Jewellery Online, you gotta be looking for these stunning meenakari earrings.

1. Hoop Meenakari Jhumka:

In this pattern, the tradition meets the contemporary choices. The hoop looks chic and modish, whereas the jhumki detailing at the bottom makes it look ravishing. Search for Customized Jewellery options to get this unique concept in your choice of pastel shades. Powder pink has become the safest colour choice lately. The subtle shade works best to embrace every style of outfit.

2. Fusion Jhumka:

Yet another gorgeous pattern in the market of Imitation Jewellery is the jhumkis adorned with leaf detailing. Usually made from brass, these beauties are finely finished in thick gold plating to match the vibe.

3. Meenakari Paired With Kundan:

If you happen to be searching for Kundan Jewellery Sets Online, you would definitely have come across these stunners. They look ravishing as the dark enamel works just right to complement the glass diamonds.


4. Pearl Meenakari Earrings:

Manifold your beauty by adding the glam of pearls to the final look. There are endless unique concepts in the range of Artificial Jewellery and combining pearls with meenakari is one such extraordinary concept. Pearl is a lightweight option and should be your top choice if you want to carry traditional attire for a prolonged duration.

5. Chandbali Earrings:

The list would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the famous moon-shaped meenakari earrings. The gorgeous shape when adored with meenakari is just perfect to increase your beauty. You can find these beauties in a range of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery as well as yellow gold and rose gold plating.

Bottom Line

Want to upgrade your jewellery stash? How about adding all five of these meenakari beauties! If you are interested you can check out the finely finished and affordably priced range at Ciero Jewels. They proudly stock made in India meenakari earrings, kundan sets, and Cubic Zirconia Rings Online. Check out their store and enhance your look.


Which Are The Latest Designs Of Meenakari Earrings?

Hoop with jhumka pattern, meenakari with pearls and Chandbali are some of the most popular designs in the jewellery market these days.

Where To Buy Artificial Meenakari Jhumka Online?

Ciero Jewel is a popular choice to shop for the best quality meenakari jewellery. Their designs of meenakari earrings are the latest and can be ordered at an affordable price.
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