WhatsApp seems to work on chats on multiple phones and tablets.

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WhatsApp seems to be working on a feature that would let users chat

WhatsApp seems to be working on multi-phone and tablet chatting - The Verge


WhatsApp appears to be working on a feature that will let users chat with the same account on multiple phones or on phones and tablets. Based on the screen found in the beta app by the WABetaInfo website, the screen provides instructions

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for registering the device you use as a "companion" by scanning the code with your primary phone. Although there doesn't seem to be any real code to scan at this time. The screens found in the previous beta revealed that The device may have been able to sync

recent messages. even if it is end-to-end encrypted That screen when combined with the screen "Register Devices as Companion", which guides users on how to use WhatsApp on other devices. Together, it's compelling evidence that this feature is working.

WhatsApp users can now link their phones to their computers.Both screens are found on the Android version of the app, meaning this feature supports chatting on secondary phones or tablets. At the moment it's unclear if the feature will be available on iOS and when it launches.