The heatwave in India has left millions struggling to cope.

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Millions of Indians are experiencing a brutal heatwave that is throwing lives and livelihoods out of gear - and there is no relief in sight.

Heatwave in India leaves millions struggling to cope - BBC News


The temperature in the country is rising rapidly. and increasing much faster than usual,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the state's chief minister on Wednesday.

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The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts a gradual rise of 2-4C over most parts of northwestern India this week, with "no major changes after that".

While heatwaves are common in India, especially in May and June. Summer started earlier this year. with high temperatures since March The average high temperature for that month was the highest in 122 years.

Center for Science and the Environment The center of thought said the heatwave earlier this year had affected 15 states, including the chilly northern state of Himachal Pradesh.