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An artist has combined real eggs and Bunny Day to complete egg art.

An artist has combined real eggs and Bunny Day to complete egg art.

Buy ACNH Bells is a legitimate act of New Horizons. Bunny Day is a spring event of New Horizons set for April 17, 2022. Please do not keep this time in mind, although Bunny Day happens every year in April, the date is not fixed. This law changes in real-time. Bunny Day is all about finding Easter eggs and getting Bunny Day DIY Recipes. Open DIY recipes and you will get corresponding ACNH Items. There are 6 types of eggs on Bunny Day.  You may also get repeat DIY recipes as you complete the activity.

Zipper T. Bunny is the exclusive Bunny Day symbol. Any spot on the island is a good place to hide eggs. The eggs you seek may be on the ground, in the water, or the sky. So you need to use Golden Axe, Golden Shovel, or Golden Net in ACNH Tools. Except for Animal Crossing Bells and Animal Crossing Items in New Horizons, all the tools you use are grouped under Animal Crossing Items.

The Bunny Day event has ended. An artist has combined New Horizons islands with realistic eggs to keep Bunny Day happy. The egg's surface serves as a canvas upon which Animal Crossing New Horizons' idyllic island life is depicted. After the painting was successful, the artist also uploaded the work to Reddit. In the clip, the user holds the egg in his hand and slowly rotates it. A house, tree, and a creek are revealed. There is also a lovely villager named Zipper.

According to the artist, they used a real eggshell for this artwork. For long-term preservation, they revealed that a hole was made at each end of the shell to remove the white and yolk from the inside. New Horizons is given a free design, and we players can use our greatest imagination to make the finished product we want. You can make any character and scene you want and make a set of dioramas.

When you first entered the island, the island was nothing. Our players can obtain relevant filling materials only after completing the corresponding tasks. Nook's Cranny and ABLE Sister are two of the island's most famous stores. You can buy, sell and dress up here. Remember, ACNH Bells are the currency of the island. There are many ways ACNH How to Get Bells Fast. Besides that, you can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACbellsbuy.