ACNH | How to Get Bells Fast With ACNH Items

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ACNH Items accompany island seasonal activities or events for quick access to Animal Crossing Bells.

ACNH Items accompany island seasonal activities or events for quick access to Animal Crossing Bells.


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Animal Crossing New Horizons gives players the right to customize, and players can build any scene the player wants on the limited island venue. Every Animal Crossing New Horizons player loves life and the game differently. But as long as players survive on the island, you will want to know How to Get a lot of Bells ACNH? For all players, more and more AC bells are more beneficial to the implementation of the island plan.



Having enough ACNH Bells is a common need of most New Horizons players. Want to get more ACNH Bells in the game. Because players like games differently. Some are easy methods. Some are more difficult methods. Let me tell you 3 easy ways to get Bells quickly.


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1. Selling fish and bugs

Players who like quiet can fish by making Golden Rod, and Golden Net to catch bugs. Until your stock is full, then sell the fish to Timmy. Spending some time fishing and catching insects will make you a quick buck. Fish like golden trout are especially lucrative. When exploring your island, keep an eye out for Peacock Butterfly (The Butterfly is Green and Blue).




2. Sell unwanted Animal Crossing Items

While playing Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes, you sometimes get unwanted items. Such as furniture that doesn't fit you, or clothes you don't like. Head over to Nook's Cranny with unwanted items to sell to Timmy and Tommy for the ACNH Bells you need.




3. Capture Tarantulas

While out at night, you might come across Tarantulas. Find a way to grab one, and you'll make a lot of money, and you're at risk of being bitten and fainting, but it's worth it in the long run. Still need to remind players, please be careful.



Buy ACNH Island Designs are necessary for the progression of the game. For players, Bells are free to travel to Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, or Nook Shopping. Simple daily tasks can also earn Bells or Nook Miles. It can be said that daily tasks are mechanical and boring. For these simple tasks, some players don't like to repeat such mechanical actions. You can then choose challenging tasks with higher risk factors to earn bells.