How do you get 30000 AC Bells fast | Earn Bells Guide - ACNH

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Familiarize yourself with and master multiple ways to earn bells. You can earn 30000 ACNH Bells in a short time

Familiarize yourself with and master multiple ways to earn bells. You can earn 30000 ACNH Bells in a short time


If you were to ask what the hottest game of 2022 would be, Nintendo's life simulation game Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch is this year's standout. It has won the global people with its rich game content and cute animal images. ACNH How to Get Bells has been a hot topic of discussion among community players. In the game, you must be worried about how to get Bells quickly, so now let me tell you the best way to buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.



How to use Bell Voucher ACNH

After unlocking Nook's Cranny, you can purchase ACNH Bell Voucher from the Nook Stop machine. You can buy vouchers with Nook Miles and sell 500 Miles for 3,000 Bells. This is a good way to get ACNH Bells.



Turnip trading on the Turnip market

Turnip will be unlocked after the establishment of Nook Cranny. The price of Turnip changes every day, and every Sunday, you have the opportunity to buy Turnip. Then choose an opportunity to sell your accumulated Turnip, and you will get a lot of income.




Sell fossils and plant money trees

You donate new fossils to the museum, but selling fossils will make it easy for you to earn thousands of Bells. Sometimes bells are buried underground. Remove 10,000 bells from the inventory and bury them in the hole with a shovel. After a while, you'll have a tree with 30,000 bells.



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