The book should have an immediate war

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The book should have an immediate war.

Samuel P. N. Cook:
Here, here, here, here, here, here, Glen, I want to explain. that we revealed a few weeks ago and someone said This might be a secret There may be a vicious and ruthless bush that has just killed the peace talks. I think people are still reducing the possibility of the Russian army for the next four to six weeks. I believe there is a window to say that the West will support Ukraine with ammunition, weapons, but more importantly light weapons and tanks, especially heavy weapons, drones and stuff. can drive us away immediately I think the Russian army might have been kicked out of school earlier than it was. If Ukraine is properly repatriated, I mean what about Ukraine? I don't see a moving war They were never trained. they are not ready They have no moral obligation to do this. But what I saw was a lot of strategic battles, small spaces, moving forward. Takes up a bit more space Going forward is something that happens externally. The Ukrainian army is closely watching. Russia still uses rocket bombs. All of them are trying to push, push and destroy the Ukrainian army, so they will catch everything that happens. And that means more offenders than anything else, more letters and more ammunition.

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