Facts Only Teachers Know About Mushroom Microdose

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More extensive evidence on the potential therapeutic value of psychedelic substances has been shown after use of regular (larger) doses which induce typical full effects and a profound altered state of consciousness.

Recent clinical studies have suggested that LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca , and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), in mushroom microdose combination with psychological support, can provide therapeutic relief for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. Additionally, earlier studies demonstrated that psychedelics also provided physical symptom relief, for example in patients with pathologic pain.

Nonetheless, a psychedelic experience, characterized by acute alterations in perception and cognition, and amplified emotional states , may not always be necessary in case of the latter, or not preferable based on individuals’ (personality) traits or previous (in)experience with psychedelic substances.


Furthermore, although physically safe, psychedelic experiences can prove challenging and thus psychological support is encouraged during and after the experience. Taken together, a recreational, full dose can prove costly and impractical for certain disorders, requiring individuals to be supervised in a controlled, clinical environment.

Overall, anecdotal reports and small clinical trials support the potential therapeutic utility of psychedelic substances in reducing symptomatology of a range of mental and physiological disorders. However, it has

Yet to be shown whether a psychedelic experience as induced by a “full” regular dose is necessary to produce symptom relief, or whether (repeated) sub-perceptual doses have therapeutic potential as well.

The present study aimed to investigate, by means of an online questionnaire, the self-rated effectiveness (SRE) of microdosing with psychedelics (MDP) for mental and physiological disorders compared to the conventional prescribed treatment and to regular doses of psychedelics.


An online questionnaire was advertised to psychedelic users on several psychedelic websites and fora between March and July 2018. The questionnaire was not explicitly targeted to microdosers, and ‘microdosing’ was not mentioned in the advert in order to obtain a rate of base rate of microdosing in the psychedelic user groups.

To be eligible to fill out the survey, respondents mushroom microdose had to be ≥18 years and have experience with a psychedelic substance. After having read the study information and having had the opportunity to ask questions about the study, respondents gave their informed consent in order to continue with the survey. Ethics approval was received from the Ethics Review Committee of Psychology and Neuroscience.