10 Shell DIY Recipes | How to Use Shells | ACNH - Animal Crossing (Switch)

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Shells in Animal Crossing are an umbrella term that can be grouped into 26 AC items. To use shells as decorations, you can buy them directly or get them through DIY recipes.

After the ACNH 2.0 Update, the number of shells was increased to 26. Common shell species are Conch, Coral, Cowrie, Sand Dollar, Scallop, Sea Snail, and Venus Comb. Each type of shell has a unique look and color, and if you want your island to be colorful, combining shells for decoration is a good idea.

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In the early stages of the game, shells are one of the ways players earn bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Picking up shells is the easiest way to earn bells. Of course, you can also choose to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Ultimately it's all good for your island to level up and score. Most shells live in the ocean, and exploring the ocean is an adventure. Keep exploring the ocean. it is very simple to quickly have 10,000 bells in your account.



Shell use 1-- DIY Recipe Making

Using seashells as a DIY crafting material for furniture sets is very popular. If you have shell DIY recipes, can use them for DIY crafting. DIY recipes can be collected from message bottles and balloon gifts. Here are 10 Seashell DIY Recipes.


Sandy-Beach Flooring

・Giant Clam ×1

・Cowrie IconCowrie ×1

・Coral IconCoral ×1

・Sand Dollar IconSand Dollar ×1

・Sea Snail IconSea Snail ×1

・Venus Comb IconVenus Comb ×1


Shell Arch

・Giant Clam IconGiant Clam ×3

・Cowrie IconCowrie ×3

・Coral IconCoral ×3

・Sand Dollar IconSand Dollar ×3

・Sea Snail IconSea Snail ×3

・Venus Comb IconVenus Comb ×3


Shell Bed

・Stone IconStone ×4

・Clay IconClay ×3

・Giant Clam IconGiant Clam ×5


Shell Fountain

・Stone IconStone ×3

・Giant Clam IconGiant Clam ×5


Shell Lamp

・Clay IconClay ×3

・Giant Clam IconGiant Clam ×2


Shell Partition

・Venus Comb IconVenus Comb ×4

・Conch IconConch ×4


Shell Speaker

・Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget ×2

・Conch IconConch ×3


Shell Rug

・Giant Clam IconGiant Clam ×3


Shell Stool

・Cowrie IconCowrie ×5


Shell Table

・Clay IconClay ×3

・Sand Dollar IconSand Dollar ×7


Shell use 2 -- Sell them for AC Bells

Animal Crossing Beach and Shells


Shells are a common item on shorelines. Picked-up shells will continue to regenerate at the new location. In addition to the beach, you can also get shells by wearing a wetsuit. In general, shells can be used to craft materials. But if you need extra bells, you can go to Nook's Cranny to sell some shells.


・Pearl Oyster: 1,200 bells

・Giant Clam: 900 bells

・Conch: 700 bells

・Scallop Shell: 600 bells

・Summer Shell (summer months only): 600 bells

・Coral: 500 bells

・White Scallop: 450 bells

・Oyster Shell: 450 bells

・Venus Comb: 300 bells

・Sea Snail: 180 bells

・Sand Dollar: 120 bells

・Manila Clam: 100 bells

・Cowrie: 60 bells

・Porceletta: 30 bells


Commonly collected shells don't sell for much, but if you make a complete finished product, the price is doubled. The bells you earn can be used for any construction on the island, such as starting a Myst Island trip with Nook Miles Tickets,Buy Animal Crossing Bells For Sale from more than 9,000 ACNH Items, or renovating and rebuilding your island. ACbellsbuy offers players an Animal Crossing New Horizons professional sale service, delivering items to your island in 10 minutes. contact us.