How Often Should You Polish Your Vehicle?

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If you're anything like us, you want to keep your car looking as stunning as possible for as long as possible.

If you're anything like us, you want to keep your car looking as stunning as possible for as long as possible.

Among the most essential ways to guarantee that your car is constantly looking new is to keep it polished. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that make it difficult to know how often you should polish your vehicle. In this post, we will offer details to help you choose whether car polishing is the best choice for you.

What Does Vehicle Polishing Do?

Car polishing refers to the process of applying a vehicle polish item to a vehicle to get rid of scratches and flaws. Car polish works by (carefully) removing the leading layer of paint protection on your vehicle, together with its pollutants. It will likewise consist of oil that will offer your vehicle a shiny appearance when you are done.

The layer of paint that the car polish removes is so thin that you will not observe that any paint has actually been removed from your vehicle. Instead, you will simply see that the scratches and imperfections that existed on the leading layer of paint on your vehicle are gone.

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle polish and wax is not the same thing. Vehicle wax is not an abrasive product. Instead, it is a protective layer that is applied to your lorry that will assist decrease your possibilities of getting scratches or blemishes.

How Often Should You Polish a Vehicle?

Knowing when to polish a car is not like understanding how frequently to brush your teeth or go to a distance. Giving a recommended frequency will depend on a number of elements like your vehicle's age, how much you use your vehicle, and the car look that you desire. In general, you will wish to polish your vehicle around three times annually. Here are 2 different aspects that will help you figure out how typically you need to polish a car:

1. Age of Car

If your car is brand-new (that is to state, one years of age or less), then you will wish to set great practices from the outset by giving it a polish 3 times a year at a minimum. Make certain that you are utilizing a polish with the lowest abrasion possible in order to prevent any unnecessary stress for the automobile.

2. Location Where Vehicle is Kept

If your vehicle is not kept inside a garage, it will be subject to UV rays in addition to other climate-related elements. You will still wish to polish it a few times a year, but it is important that you clean the car completely prior to applying any type of polish so that you wipe built-up particles.

Many body shops often use vehicle polishing services as part of what is known as detailing. Vehicle detailing in general refers to the practice of guaranteeing that a car keeps its initial appearance, suggesting that it is visibly in the very same condition as it was when it drove off the lot. Detailing generally includes washing, waxing, general interior cleaning, window cleaning, and, naturally, polishing.

In some cases, it will also be possible to receive polishing as a standalone service from the body shop of your option.