I was looking at how to receive 99 construction daily

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If you say Best OSRS Gold site yes, he'll take all of the ores in your stock to the bank. If you ignore himhe will steal your pickaxe, throw it in a stone (breaking it) and then kick you in the shins ("You ungrateful humans! Do not even listen to us!") Then throw a rock at you. He will run into another rock. So these are positive random events which may assist you, if you want them to. If an Octagon Member meets a macro, then they can lose their pickaxe and be kicked in the shin!

Smithing into smith every thing. This armor would be light weight, not as heavy as steel or black, and requires 30 prayer to wear, and the Knight's Sword Quest finished to make/wear it. As it is non-tradeable, like blurite. You cannot smith the blurite sword unless you've got 2 iron bars, 1 blurite ore, 1k, Knight's Sword Quest done, and you need to go up to Thrugo and ask for him to smith it. You also need to have 25 smithing. I thought that this out quite a bit.Mainly, I've had these problems once I forgot something I was planning to sell, but forgot in bank. Additionally, individuals have the choice of doing this, meaning they have a decision to use the idea and receive a financial institution pin or do it the conventional way. I hope you took the opportunity to see, and ideas are open to make the idea better. I take fans as well, but it will take some time to understand what I am attempting to say. ... when you are about to kill some1. . When you're meleeing and. . M.O.M.pops out with his (no crime )annoying boxes. . .

I only want to say we shouldnt get randoms in wildy since we dont havespace to carry drops/etc. In any case, jagex used randoms to: 1. Atk macroers, two. Relieve players of fatigue and dull. . Either ur pking or not, I dont think u will encounter several macroers or even... Boring repetitive it was designed to perform, Support?

I was looking at how to receive 99 construction daily and I thought to myself'hey why is not there a thearte space?' E.g. stage room,audiance room,stage/audiance expansion,rear point,ticket room (for buying your cheap RS gold ticket and meals to eat).