Best Card Sets from Lost Ark

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Card Books

Open up the Card Catalogue screen and click the "Book" tab. You'll be able to see all

the cards that Lost Ark Gold are in the game under different books.

Card Books are an improved version that is a variation of the Card Set. Instead of

providing power bonuses only when equipped (like the Card Sets) they give much less

powerful but permanent bonus points that are passive and do not require to carry any


Since cards are collectibles, it is no surprise that a Card Book is essentially a

collectible hunt. There are just 27 sets of cards available, however there are they

have 173 books!

All 27 decks of Lost Ark provide very useful bonus and stats. They are excellent in

their own way however, some of these sets are better than those of the other.

Below are the three most popular decks in Lost Ark.

Forest of Giants

This Card Set is perfect for support builds in PvE and to build any type of build in

GvG. It can reduce the number of potions you'll use in raids. This will make it easier

to save gold.

It will also block this Cursed Doll engraving effect, which reduces healing by 25%. It

will improve your survival in the game by substantial amount.

This set of cards contains three cards:

Card Set Bonuses

3 Set Bonus Effect of recovery items is boosted by 15 percentage.

Bonus 3 set (9 Awakening): Physical and Magic Defenses are raised by 10 10%.

3 Set Bonus (15 Awakening): Protections for Magic as well as Physical are up by 20 20%.

Card Locations

Caspiel: Can be obtained as a reward to complete 50 secret dungeons within Tortoyk or

as an RNG reward from Caspiel (Field Boss) in Tortoyk.

Mokamoka It can be obtained by accumulating 350 Mokoko Seeds. It can also be purchased

through a Wandering Merchant in Tortoyk.

Tir: Can be obtained when you have completed Tortoyk (Adventurer's Tome). You can also

get it as part of an RNG drop from the Protector Peros leader in Tortoyk's Heart


We'll Reunite Again

Another great Card Set designed for PvE and GvG play. It is ideal for Berserkers with Lost Ark Gold for sale Mayhem engraving. Mayhem engraving.