The novice tutorial in The Elder Scrolls Online is now available

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The Elder Scrolls Online game studio Bethesda recently announced a minor change. Although it is a slight change, it has improved the game journey for novice players. After all, the past novice tutorials can’t help players use ESO Gold, which is not easy to get started. Previously, when players created a new character, it would transfer them to an opening tutorial mission with any latest expansion as the theme. Therefore, if players just started playing ESO a few months ago, they may learn about all aspects through a short introductory inquiry.

Unless they clearly know where to search in the future, it may delay them for several weeks without even realizing that there is an original main task before then. So the novice tutorial before this is very confusing. On the one hand, one of the advantages of the new tutorial is that each area is balanced, so no matter what level the rookies are at, they can explore any area they want and play with anyone at any time, which is quite liberating Up.

But the downside is that all things have a certain sense of homogeneity, all things are the same, with no beginning or end. Although this upcoming change will not completely solve all problems, but thankfully, it can at least solve the problems of this tutorial. Now, when players create new characters in an existing account or a new account, they will play through a very short opening tutorial that will teach them the basic gameplay, and then players can choose the story they pursue first. Depending on what they currently have, this can be any combination of the major story, one of the existing four expansions or the new Blackwood ESO Gold.

Although we don’t know when the full revision of the novice tutorial will be unveiled in Elder Scrolls Online, it is most likely to be accompanied by the launch event for PC and Stadia on June 1 this year. Now players who want to play ESO can create a game account and then wait until then to enter the game, which will make them more comfortable playing. Before that, they can Buy ESO Gold and learn related game guides.