I've been trying to update my workplace to unlock

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I've been trying to update my workplace to unlock

I've been trying to update my workplace to unlock a 3rd ship, but it is so dreadfully slow to collect bamboo. Finally, the team: Here's a OSRS gold list of the team members I've. Who should I throw overboard dismiss? And finally, what should I be searching for some time recruiting new crew members? If I give preference to people like the Card Sharp with a single, super high stat, or to things such as the Feral Chimera with two reasonably substantial stats?

And who should I buy w/o hesitation, and that should I avoid constantly? Last, Rerolls: If I always use up all my re-rolls every day? When should I use my Captain re-rolls? Thanks a Lot! I know I'd ask a ton of questions, but I love every response I get.

We used to get a Ports subject, but people stopped posting in it and it got buried beneath other topics. It's somewhere in the RuneScape General Section, it may have answers to some of your questions from members far better than me when it comes to PoP. First off, the boats: What should I prioritize upgrading? The hull, the deck Products, the rudder, or even the ram (the slot in the very front of the ship, idk what it's called)

Personally I always get the deck things first since there's just two. So once you want to do a Seafaring boat for instance, it is much more useful to have 2 Seafaring boosting deck things than just the bonus that the hull gives. Some people will argue the rudder is much better since it'll help save you time allowing you to perform much more voyages/day, I can not argue against it but I've always done ports in a much more relaxed compared to efficient manner so I always get rudder past.

Then, the vents themselves: What is well worth upgrading? I have noticed most of the upgrades are reasonably costly. I have been trying to upgrade my workplace to unlock a 3rd boat, but it is so dreadfully slow to buy osrs gold paypal accumulate bamboo. Well ideally you should prioritize the upgrades which unlock new ships for obvious reasons, so you are doing this right. I believe all updates are worth getting (except in the cases you have more than just one, you can unlock them but you can only have one active at precisely the exact same time so select wisely).