The Mushroom Folklore of Ireland

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For St. Patrick’s Day we share some of the important pieces of Buy shrooms online mushroom folklore that originated on the Emerald Isle. From Druids incorporating edible mushrooms into their rituals to the connection between mushrooms and faeries, we explore the major impact Ireland has had on mushrooms in our cultural imagination.


A long standing theory is that magic mushrooms were used in the druids religious ceremonies. When the church became more influential, the ceremonies are thought to have disappeared. Druids were said to have prepared fly-agaric for consumption and eaten it for its hallucinogenic properties because the hallucinations conferred great knowledge and enlightenment.

The ancient peoples called the fly agaric mushroom the “flesh of the gods” and it is believed that the druids used it to come in direct communication with the universe. It is surmised that the druids would consume mushrooms and then sit in sweat houses, which appear all over Ireland.




Irish folks have long thought of the mushroom “fruit” as a connection to the much larger organism underground. Because the huge tracts of subterranean mushroom can be thousands of years old, many of the ancients believed that its wisdom could be passed to humans via consumption of the fruit.


The Liberty Cap and the Fly Agaric mushroom grow in Ireland and both are believed to produce visions of faeries and leprechauns along with a variety of otherworld creatures associated with Ireland. Faeries and mushrooms have always been a big part of Irish culture and deeply intertwined in culture.

In fact, the Gaelic slang for faeries and mushrooms is the same word: pookies. In Ireland, the trip one goes on from magic mushrooms is described as “going Buy shrooms online away with the faeries” being “off with the pixies.” In pagan times, imbas forosnai were psychic poets.

The poets spoke of eating “red flesh of a pig, dog or cat” which is believed to be in reference to the fly-agaric. The poets chewed on this “red flesh of a pig” before lying in a dark room to seek out inspiration.