Many ESO players still don’t know the magical effect of Scry

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Scry in The Elder Scrolls Online has received little response since being added to the game last year. It may be that most players don’t actually understand its magical effect, so they dare not try it easily, so we have delayed it until now. It can allow players to explore new and unknown areas to explore treasures, and if they are lucky, they can also get rare rewards beyond imagination. Players also have the opportunity to search for some hidden antiques and historical relics, which can be exchanged for ESO Gold.

This feature is interesting and innovative for the entire Elder Scrolls online series, allowing players to perform other operations besides killing or completing tasks. It is essentially a new style of mini-games, involving whether players have foresight, patience and keen observation. For example, if players want to upgrade their characters in the game, they must go through a lot of hardships to achieve it, but they can use Scry to find some special positions. Artaeum in the Summerset area is the best place for treasure hunting. This is because it is the smallest search location, which means the player does not need to go to the next mining location. If the player cannot reach Artaeum, then the next best option is Bleakrock Isle, but they’d better find a small place and grind it.

Obviously, grabbing every privilege is a good idea, but the best option is to concentrate on helping the player struggle. When it comes to scouting skill lines, it’s best to focus on Antiquarian insight, mergers and Scrier’s patience. These will allow players to get more moves, more squares, and more challenging clues. When players use the excavation skill series, they need to rely on keen ESO Gold and it is best to get a reserve of excavators at level 10. The keen eye increases the difficulty of finding the excavation location.

So if players can learn well and use it proficiently, the resources and benefits they bring to themselves are still considerable. Before that, players had better buy more ESO Gold to upgrade their characters’ equipment or weapons to prevent them from being attacked by others during treasure hunting. That’s all.

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