What is Technical Recruiter

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The role of a technical recruiter includes everything from interviewing, screening, and recommending prospective employees for a role.

Technical recruiters must maintain and carefully develop a high-quality pool of candidates suitable for technical roles. They usually report to a manager or supervisor above them in business, and technical recruiters typically require 2 to 4 years of experience related to IT recruitment. As part of their role, a technical recruiter will explain the complex tasks relating to the job itself. 

While the role of a technical recruiter is demanding and varied, when looking at what does a technical recruiter do, it will help to look at how to be one first! The role of a technical recruiter may require a degree to get started, but it is possible to be considered for technical recruiter jobs with a high school degree. Technical recruiters can either work in-house for a business or work with a specialist firm with technical recruitment as a niche. There are technical recruiters out there who earn an excellent technical recruiter salary as a self-employed entrepreneur, too.