To celebrate in honor of the Chinese calendar

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If you are an MyTeam regular , or even NBA 2K22 MT just a little familiar with the MyTeam mode that you pass by to meet from time to moment, you'll be aware that everything runs with the flow of seasons. They run for a month half in length, taking into account a worn-out design in a number of games. Previous seasons of 2022 The 3 had the most logical themes of Christmas and winter.

Ice is left to set in the menus and on specific cards, including Cryo Genesis, the Iced Out and Cryo Genesis series. Since Christmas is a time for gifts, 2K released daily rewards and challenges with a lot of value on new cards as well as the good locker code guaranteeing a decent Pink Diamond card (Bird 96 for example).

In the new version due to the fact that there is generally or always the seasons and seasons, the "Iced Out" season introduced an "level" greater than the most extreme level, 40, in order to take on the hardest players. There is no XP to accumulate here but challenges to complete in order to have the possibility of choosing the reward for each game mode of your choice.

It was a chance for a non-proficient multi player to seek his Holy Grail in Unlimited for an example. The Moments cards, which pay tribute to older performances by current NBA players, are no longer released in a series of sporadic releases but are instead released through the form of a series of challenges, which we'll look at later.

To celebrate in honor of nba mt coins the Chinese calendar, which is the same as every year, 2K will dedicate the theme of the New Season to the. As it is the year of the Tiger in accordance with the Chinese zodiac as of February 1st, the jungle and its dark secrets are at the center of the coming season even if it's just an excuse to offer cards that goes from self.