How To Get Back Up Codes For Gmail On Google Authenticator?

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Gmail is one of the most secured email service provider as it provides the additional feature of two step verification.

During an email platforms such as gmail is the top priority. You can easily secure your gmail account by using Google authenticator application. Google authenticator app allows you to get verification code for gmail whenever you try to login to your gmail account. Gmail 2 factor authentication is a smart way to keep your account protected.

You have the option of creating backup codes when you set up your Google Authenticator app. These codes are a series of numbers that can only be used once to log in. Backup codes come in handy if you misplace your Google Authenticator-enabled device. It's a good idea to make a backup copy of your backup codes and keep it safe.

Follow these steps to generate backup codes for your Google Authenticator app while browsing on a computer:

Steps to get back up codes for Gmail on Google authenticator

1.    Go to the 2-Step Verification page for your Google Account.
2.    It's possible that you'll need to log in to your account.
3.    Scroll down to the category that reads "Add more second steps to verify it's you."
4.    Here you will find the subheading for the Backup code.
5.    You'll see an option to Show codes if you've already set up codes.Click Set up if you haven't already.
6.    The page will generate a total of ten codes. Each one of these codes will have eight digits.
7.    These codes should be kept somewhere secure—ideally, not on your computer, as this could pose a security risk.
8.    If you've used all of your codes and need to generate more, select Get new codes.
9.    To print the codes on paper, click Print option from the screen.
10.    Alternatively, you can close the window by clicking Close.

We hope that the steps mentioned here in this article help you to get additional verification code for your Gmail account using Google authenticator app. In case you are unable to get codes or are unable to use a code that has never been used before, then call us at our Gmail support helpline for assistance. Do you need help related to gmail 2 step verification turn on? Get in touch with our Gmail support now.