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2HOBA Refresh Cream You will love the serum-like formula that absorbs easily while locking in moisture for the long-lasting hydration and skin barrier protection, leaving your skin noticeably balanced and refreshed. It can be used as a daily moisturizer or makeup primer for a silky-smooth finish. <br> <br>Suitable for: All skin types <br>Best for: Dry and dehydrated skin <br> <br>Formulated with: <br> <br>2HOBA: Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory <br>Persimmon: Revitalizing. High in Antioxidants <br>Plant Derived Squalane: Hydrating and Nourishing. High in Antioxidants <br>Ferment Complex: Balancing. Easy Absorption <br>Essential Amino Acid Multi-mineral Complex: Moisturizing, Soothing, Skin Barrier Protection. <br> <br>Shop Now-

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