Ragi is a millet that looks a lot like mustard seeds and is very nutrient-dense. Finger millet is especially useful since it contains the essential amino acid methionine. Ragi, a grain rich in protein, calcium, fibre, and iron, has been used for a very long time in many different types of food products all over the world. In Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu, it is known as "Ragi," while in Marathi, Bengali, and Tamil, it is known as "Madua" and "Kezhvaragu." It is widely scattered over numerous Indian states. Ragi is one such super grain that has recently gained popularity once more.

Ragi Nutrition Health Benefits
As the dietary type with the highest concentration of calcium, ragi is perfect for preserving bone health. Calcium works in conjunction with vitamin D to strengthen bones. For developing youngsters and older people, it is an excellent source of natural calcium. Both the development of bones in growing youngsters and the health of bones in individuals are supported. In this approach, ragi nutrition food aids in maintaining control over boning issues. It is the best superfood you can consume for your health, so you should try to include it in your healthy meals.
Advantages of Ragi

1. A lot of calcium
2. Aids in managing diabetes
3. Stops Skin Aging
4. Combats Anaemia
5. Helps with Weight Loss
6. Potential to combat cancer
7. Good for the Heart
8. Encourages healthy teeth and bones

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