A good standing desk can effectively improve your work efficiency and ensure your health.FEZIBO strives to provide ergonomic solutions to our customers for home furnishings and work-life integration problems. Our professional office furniture R&D team listens carefully to the needs of our customers.
No matter how great your office chair is, sitting on it all day does nothing for your body. However, standing up frequently is also not good for your comfort or health. Powered, adjustable height desks give you the best of both worlds. Want to increase productivity and energy? Push a button to raise the desk so you can move a little while you work.
1.Standing desks appear to reduce back pain.Bamboo desktop board has good physical and mechanical properties, and has the advantages of small water absorption expansion coefficient, not easy to dry crack and deformation, and high stability.
2.Using a standing desk may lower blood sugar levels.Seated work needs to be regularly separated from standing work.If you feel less productive while working from home and think your current work setup is related to it, a standing desk or standing desk converter might help you. Standing desks may be the key to improving poor desk posture and reducing chronic physical pain associated with sitting during the day.
3.Standing desks may even boost productivity.Not only is standing work good for the back, but it has also shown other positive effects, such as:Strengthens core, leg, ankle and foot muscles,Improve blood circulation.
4.Standing can lower your risk of heart disease.Standing desks are preferable and seem to have better long-term effects on our health than sitting all the time. Free shipping, a 60-day money back policy, and a 5-years warranty is our commitment to our customers. standing desk are standing out.